Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Family Picnic

Circa 1930, my grandparents and their 6 kids went on a picnic. They're eating cake, so it could have been a birthday, but not necessarily - after all, in those days every meal included dessert of some sort.

My sister thinks the picnic occurred up Rattlesnake Canyon, in the mountains a few miles north of Missoula, MT, where the family lived (and where I was raised, too). However, the attire and the hedge behind the group suggests to me that it might have been the back yard instead :-)

My grandfather took the photo, so it's just my grandmother and the kids in the picture. In reverse order of weaving these 2 shots make more sense:

By the time I finished weaving the picnic and its top border, the ballet shoes were visible under the loom. I've rotated the picture so the feet are in their logical position, but the image was woven sideways, that is, warp running from side to side.

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