Friday, April 27, 2012

Flying Goat Cellars Exhibit, Part II

Here are a few more shots of pieces in the exhibit. First up, the two barrel images (very appropriate given the venue, especially as there's a barrel identical to the one in the left-most piece on the floor just below it):

Followed by a weaving of a California Sycamore tree:

and the root of the same tree. The soil around the roots has been washed away by a seasonal creek over the years. The actual ground level is about 1/3 down the picture:

And some autumn leaves:


Alice said...

Looks like a blockbuster show. You must be proud.

Love those barrels!

Sandra Rude said...

Yes, I am! and will be even prouder if some pieces actually sell...

Cally said...

I agree, the barrels are fantastic! The actual barrels must be feeling very proud.