Sunday, April 22, 2012

Front & Back, Part Two

When a weaving has more than one weft color, there are more possible combinations of warp and weft. For example, if there's a black warp and three weft colors (A, B, and C), the following combinations are possible:

Warp predominant
Weft A predominant
Weft B predominant
Weft C predominant
Weft A+B predominant
Weft B+C predominant
Weft A+C predominant
Weft A+B+C predominant

And to confuse the issue, because I'm using shaded satins, when a yarn color is "predominant" it could be anywhere from 20% to 80% on the face, because the black warp is doing its job of making shades of the weft color from most intense to most dark.

Here's the front of the California Coast image:

And the back:

The three weft colors are blue, tan, and white. The warp, as usual, is black.

This weaving doesn't use all of the possible combinations listed above. Mostly, there are areas of warp predominant, A predominant, B predominant, and C predominant. However, in part of the sky and part of the sea, I wanted a lighter value of blue so I brought the white to the face (at a lesser intensity) in those areas.

As one would expect, in the sky area of the face of the cloth there's no tan, so on the reverse, the tan is predominant. On the hillsides, the warp and the tan take turns being in the majority on the face, so the blue and white are predominant on the reverse.


Margreet said...

Sandra, so interesting to see and read about both sides of your weaving!

neki desu said...

partial to the back here