Thursday, April 05, 2012

Photographing Glitter

My conclusion is that it's impossible! In person, the ballet shoes are *really* glittery - the holographic thread that was carried along with the pink weft sparkles like crazy in almost every type of lighting. For some reason, the camera just doesn't see the sparkles. I suspect that it has to do with movement; as I look at the cloth, my head (and therefore my point of view) is in motion, ever so slightly, all the time. The camera, on the other hand, is still - it has to be in order to get an in-focus shot.

In any case, here are the ballet shoes just before I began to weave the border:

And a closeup, which shows just about as much glitter as I can persuade it to:

Tomorrow, it's on to other images. Stay tuned!


Teresa Ruch said...

Nice! I hope to see them someday.

Teresa Ruch

Alice said...

I do see some glitter. What a great piece!