Monday, May 28, 2012

Carolyn's Toes

Today, DH did some fine-tuning on the jacquard loom, which had been giving me fits for the last couple of pieces - several hooks on module 2 were consistently doing the wrong thing. Up when they should be down, mostly.

After the tune-up, I began weaving the portrait of Carolyn, and was very relieved to see that everything is behaving itself, loomwise. After a suggestion from one of my blog readers, I've modified the bottom hem to include the name of the subject and the date of the original image, in addition to a "Woven by..." signature. I've just gotten to the toe of Carolyn's white shoe, and should be able to finish the weaving by Wednesday at the latest.

Then it'll be time to cut off the warp and finish this piece - the woman who commissioned it would like it in June, so I'll be just in time!

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