Saturday, June 02, 2012

Dishtowels Again, and Carolyn Finished

While Carolyn (and a couple of other pieces) went through the laundry, I did a little weaving on the towel warp on the dobby loom. It's that same old green warp that's been languishing there forever, it seems.

Here's the draft for the current towel, a crepe that I designed using Alice's monograph on crepe weaves:

From directly above the cloth, you can almost see those swirly squares:

And this view at an angle gives you a preview of what the texture will look like after finishing:

By the time the towel was half woven, Carolyn was damp-dry, and the cloth has now been pressed several times. It still needs a final hard press, and then other steps such as applying the backing and fabricating the top and bottom rods. Anyway, here's Carolyn, pinned to the ironing board:

The aspect ratio always is difficult to predict, because (counter-intuitively) the weft shrinks more than the warp during finishing, even though it's not under nearly as much tension during weaving. I have to account for that in calculating the aspect ratio of the image before I begin weaving, but this time it looks like I got it just about right.


neki desu said...

that crepe looks good waiting to see it after wf. carolyn looks good too.

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