Friday, July 27, 2012

A Commission Completed

The weaving of Carolyn, based on a 1942 photo, is finally finished. The backing has been applied, plus a hanging rod in the top hem and a very thin rod in the bottom hem. The rod in the bottom hem helps ensure that the cloth hangs straight.

Finished size: 27.5 by 35 inches.

I've grown accustomed to having Carolyn's company in the studio; after applying backing to the upper part of the cloth, I inserted a temporary top rod and let the cloth "hang out" for several weeks so it would get all the latent stretch out of its system. I think the wait time helped, and now that the whole piece is backed, it seems to hang quite smoothly, straight and true.

I hope the person who commissioned the work is as fond of the weaving as I am!


Connie Rose said...

This is so awesome, Sandra! I can't imagine the new owner not loving it.

Laura Fry said...

Always nice to complete something. :) Looks great.

Anonymous said...

We really like the outcome. We are enjoying having the weaving ourselves for a while. It is a 90th Birthday gift for my mother (Carolyn), which we will celebrate in January.
Thanks again Sandra!