Friday, September 14, 2012

Complex Weavers, Day Three

Another busy day! After the morning class (Margie Thompson talking about how to interpret the "drafts" in old weaving manuscripts), I chaired a meeting of the CW jacquard study group, then dashed to another room for the Marketplace, where I sold a couple of my early jacquard pieces.

Then I grabbed a quick lunch before dashing off again to my afternoon class (Lampas, a structure I knew nothing about before today).

Tonight will be the Silent Auction, and the "Off the Runway" exhibit. I will donate another early jacquard piece for the auction, which benefits CW.  Plus, I will exhibit the Big Sur piece "Off the Runway" before sending it home with Pat Foster of the UK.

One of the study group members brought "show and tell" for us to admire. Three panels, lots of shuttles...

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