Monday, October 01, 2012

Mega Waffles

The second waffle towel is woven, and the third started. Waffle #2 is a mega waffle. Here it is after a few repeats were woven:

And the draft. One could weave this on 10 shafts by using a point threading and the lower left quadrant of the tieup. Or, scale it down to 8 shafts by reducing the float length. Be very careful weaving this size waffle with larger yarn, though, because the relative float length would increase. At 40 epi, the floats are manageable, but not at 20!

A bit later that afternoon, DH came into the studio. "Will it make a texture?" he asked. I invited him to observe the cloth under the cloth beam, where it isn't under as much tension warp-wise or weft-wise as it is near the fell, and said "Yeah, I think it will!" You can see where the warp floats have begun to puff upwards, and the weft floats to puff downwards.

 The next photo was taken today after I'd woven a few repeats of towel #3.

This draft is almost identical to #2, except there's an extra repeat of plain weave around each cell, thereby reducing the floats by two threads throughout.

Oddly, the reed marks show more clearly now that the warp is sleyed 4 ends per dent than it did when it was sleyed 4,4,5,4,4,5 etc. I expect the reed marks to disappear in the wet finishing, and all you'll see is those waffly hills and valleys.

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