Friday, November 09, 2012


The world of Google is a complicated place. Due to some unknown interconnections between Android smartphone software and the Google internet stuff (Picasa, Blogger, etc.) I managed to delete about a year's worth of blog images, thinking they had snuck onto my Android phone and NOT realizing that deleting them off the phone deleted them out of the internet universe too.

So, I'll be gradually putting the images back onto the blog posts, but it'll take a while, so don't be surprised to find that all images from May 2011 on are black holes...

Mea culpa :-)


Connie Rose said...

Sucks, doesn't it? I heard about this problem from others, related to Google+. Google doesn't have all the bugs worked out on several of their apps, unfortunately. Sorry it happened to you. I had major problems with Google Chrome when I tried to do a PayPal transaction -- there is or was a well-known conflict between the two. I dumped Chrome and have never had a problem since.
Take care of yourself, have a great weekend.

Sandra Rude said...

I'm not the only person this has happened to - all the Google-related chat groups and forums are full of folks who have been hit with the same problem. Something new in Google+ apparently. At least I still have all the images on my desktop computer, but it'll be a slow process to put 'em back into the blog.