Friday, November 30, 2012

More Ruffle Scarves

Every evening, I spend some time knitting up more of the ruffle scarves for the last show of the season. This one is a new yarn:

The yarn is about 1.3 inches wide, composed of 3 little groups of warps, probably woven in leno to hold the very long weft floats in place. Rust, light grey, and dark grey, with a few coppery metallic wefts thrown in for sparkle. The openings along the right side are what you knit into. Once knitted, the scarf is very ruffly:

Close up, it looks like some sort of undersea creature:

In the meantime, Susan's hellebore is mended, washed, and pressed. There were a few hooks misbehaving, resulting in a few warp floats on the front of the cloth.

The photo was taken after I hung the cloth from the ironing board to finish drying. It was well after dark, and with the artificial lighting, the colors aren't really true to the actual cloth, and the upper part of the image is a bit truncated. I'll take another photo once it's backed and stretched on a canvas stretcher.

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neki desu said...

susan's going to be one happy camper!