Monday, December 03, 2012

Scarf #5

The draft for scarf #5 is totally different in character from the previous drafts, in that it emphasizes a line across the width of the cloth instead of down the length of the cloth.  Here's the draft:

And the cloth:

When I assign thread colors in my weaving software, I try to get the values about right, but don't fret if the finished article doesn't look exactly like the draft.

For example, here the cloth is different from the draft because the draft assumes all threads are the same size and spacing, whereas the 60/2 silk warp is sett at 72 epi and the 120/2 silk weft is beating in at about 40 ppi. This tends to elongate the cloth in the lengthwise direction. I could configure the software to allow for these differences, but it's not worth taking the time - I know what to expect of these interleaved drafts on the loom. The ice-green weft doesn't have nearly as much of a visual presence in the woven cloth as it does in the draft.

The treadling is an uneven advancing twill that starts out at 5 ends per group and grows to 15 ends per group, which makes for a different slant to the advancing twill in different areas. Where the line is less steep, the lines are thicker and farther apart; where the line is more steep, the lines are thinner and closer together. So the waves have a kind of periodicity, just like real ocean waves.

I like the fact that the design has a sort of syncopated rhythm rather than a perfectly regular rhythm. I'm looking forward to seeing the cloth off the loom. However, I may have to cut off the 4 woven scarves and start twisting fringes tomorrow if I hope to have any of thm ready for the show next weekend. Seeing this last one finished may have to wait.


Laura Fry said...

God luck at your show!

Helga Jossen said...

I love your waves!!!

neki desu said...

what great tools design programs are. and the freedom to imagine they give.
have a good show.

Anonymous said...

I love these shapes and that syncopated rhythm. Hope the fringe twisting goes swiftly and easily!