Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Goodies from Scalamandre

My next batch of Scalamandre silk arrived in the post today. I'm in heaven!

The reddish brown skein at lower center isn't actually tramm silk like the others. It's a frog-hair-fine plied, reeled silk. I compared it to a cone of 200/2 silk in my stash, and the new stuff is about half that thick! Perhaps it's more appropriately described in denier, not yards per pound. It'll become weft - I don't fancy warping with it!

The eBay seller was very generous. The listing on eBay said that each of the two lots was 300 grams. After unwrapping them (and drooling a bit) I put them on the scale and found that they actually total 850 grams. That makes the purchase even more a bargain.

I'm already picturing the blue, green, olive, grey-brown (3rd from left) and maybe the cream (top center) in stripes, with the olive and the green 3-ply from the first batch scattered in among the stripes. The heavier yarn needs to be a different structure - I'm visualizing something that would let the heavy strands be on the front for several picks, then on the back for several picks, then hop back to the front. The body of the cloth would be broken twill or maybe 5-end satin, to make the most of the lustre...hmmm. Designing this will be fun!


Laura Fry said...

Nice. :) I foresee lots of fibre dreams coming up!

neki desu said...

darn now i'll have to mop the floor around the computer!
when you figure out the size please let me know .i have silk akin to that and would give me an idea. have been playing by ear so far

Anonymous said...

I wondered who got that lot.. :)


Anonymous said...

Whups! Sorry, meant to ask you to get in touch. Need some advice on this silk!