Monday, April 08, 2013

Another Fire Design

I'm working on another image from Una Walker, taken at the same place/time as the one you've seen for the past few days. That weaving has been wet finished, pressed, photographed, and submitted to the Firestorm Exhibit co-sponsored by the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild. After the piece is accepted/rejected by the juror, I'll post a photo of it.

This image is a detail shot - no far horizon, just reflections on the water.

Inspired by Alice Schlein's recent work with samitum, I'm going to try a 4-weft samitum family of weaves. The color swatches in the image (indexed to 8 hues) will show these weft yarns on the face - from left - white + orange, orange, orange + red, red, red + black, white, white + black, and black. That's the plan, anyway.

I haven't worked much with four shuttles; I'm not looking forward to it. Mostly, it's a real estate problem - not enough room on the woven web to accommodate four shuttles. Well, call that three shuttles resting on the web plus one in hand. Tomorrow, I'll weave the first 80 picks (the color swatch area) as a color blanket, and see if I like the way the colors combine. If they please the eye, I'll weave the rest. If not, or if four shuttles are just too much trouble, I'll rework the image to use shaded satins instead. That's my old standby weave family, always reliable...


neki desu said...

this one is stunning!

Peg Cherre said...

I am so impressed with all your work. I REALLY love this one!

Deb Mc said...

better late than never, take a look at what Vuong used in northeastern Vietnam to hold her shuttles for color rotation. Perhaps you and DH can come up with your version
look at the 3rd photo at least Deb Mc