Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On to the Next Project

And this will be the last piece I weave on the current jacquard warp. As you can see, the knots have [finally!!] rolled over the warp beam. I think I have just enough warp for one piece, then will be ready to tie on the next warp.

The new piece is based on a photo taken at King's Canyon, usually referred to as "Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks" but it stands on its own as a spectacular chunk of scenery. Here's the original image, indexed to a manageable number of hues and values - some blues, some greens, and some white-to-gray.

By dinnertime, I'd woven the first ~300 picks of the image:

1 comment:

neki desu said...

it's very satisfying when one sees those knots!