Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Doesn't look much like a weaver's worktable, does it?

Hammers, drills, staple guns, and a hand-vacuum? Well, not unless it's time to assemble frames for a number of new weavings. Then, the weaver's worktable looks much more like a woodworker's table.

I've got 7 new pieces mounted on stretcher frames, fitted with new custom-sized floater frames, and ready to be boxed up for the American Craft Council show this coming weekend. See this page for info about hours, location, etc.

That big black rectangle just past the drill is the back of one of the new pieces. My mounting method creates a completely finished back. No loose threads, no selvedge edges or serged (nonselvedge) edges, just a smooth back that shows only the back of the frame and a sheet of black foam-core board that covers all those loose threads and untidy edges.

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Laura Fry said...

Hope the show goes well. Weavers have to have a lot more skills in their tool chest than just weaving!