Sunday, July 07, 2013

Let the Knotting Begin!

After beaming the 30 sections of black 20/2 mercerized cotton for the next jacquard warp, this is all the yarn I had left - 4.55 ounces. About 2,400 yards. There might have been enough to add another yard to each of the 1,440 ends. Oh, well; The warp is a done deal now.

Next, I got the new warp arranged on lease sticks.

The next step was to get the old warp sections combined onto a single set of lease sticks - I had previously left the outer four (on each side) modules-worth of black cotton on one set, and the remains of the white warp for the ecclesiastical stole on the center four modules on a second set. Too much hardware in the way!

That will be my workspace for a few days. I'm now chugging along with my favorite knotter. When the knotter is working right (or perhaps I should say, "when I'm working the knotter right...") this is the result - a tidy little knot with tag ends clipped short enough so they don't add to the tangle factor when threads are being drawn through the lease sticks and the heddles.

By dinnertime, I had knotted something like one and a half modules worth of warp:

There won't be much in the way of excitement for a few days. This isn't one of the more thrilling aspects of weaving...


Laura Fry said...

You do have to be warped to weave. :-/

neki desu said...

all the power to your knotter!