Monday, July 01, 2013

The Stole is Finished

Well, it's finished except for one last step. It needs a plied cord that runs from one shoulder seam to the other, to keep the stole from riding forward. Keeping the shoulder seams on the wearer's shoulder helps the stole hang straight, and keeps the back neck edge from getting worn by rubbing against the outer garments or the neck itself.

I'll use some of the 8/2 Tencel to make the cord, and probably buttons or hooks to fasten it at both ends.

Then it'll be time to get back to the looms. There's a warp partly beamed on the dobby loom, and black mercerized cotton waiting to be beamed on the jacquard loom.

I've been working on a lot of new jacquard designs in a somewhat different style from my past work, and can't wait to see how they weave up!


Laura Fry said...

How nice to complete a big project. ;)

neki desu said...

i wonder if the parishioners will be able to focus on the rites and stop looking at the stole :)

Cally said...

OK, so OpenID and Google are having a spat and I just want to say that I like the stole!! Third time lucky, yes?