Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Glad to be Home

The hospital finally released me on Sunday afternoon. First item on the agenda: a shower! And shampoo! Then to bed, my very own a quiet, peaceful room. Peace and quiet are in extremely short supply in a hospital. There are shouters and screamers and moaners, there are cleaning staff and maintenance staff, there are nurses taking vital signs on an hourly basis. Lights, sounds, and movement, 24/7.

Since I got home I haven't done much except sit quietly in a comfortable chair or creep back into bed. Not even thinking about tackling the stairs up to the studio. Weaving can wait a few days.

Thanks for all the good wishes, cards, and letters. Every bit of support helps.


Laura Fry said...

Glad you are home - rest, be well.


Connie Rose said...

Glad you're home! Hope you recover fully, quickly! xo

Meg said...

Thank goodness. And we won't ask you to show us your scar.

Anonymous said...

Be well, enjoy the solitude and quiet and rest, rest, rest.

neki desu said...

enjoy your moments of peace and quiet; they are luxurious.

Margreet said...

good to read you are home again, best place to be after hospital stay. get well soon and back to things you enjoy doing.