Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Next Orchid

This one's another cymbidium but in a very different colorway. Here's the final design file, just before applying weaves to the hues:

And on the loom (in reverse weaving order, since I wove from the right side of the design toward the left):

I think it's time for a new camera - I simply could not get the colors in the cloth to photograph true. I fiddled with the white balance and a number of other variables, but the camera just doesn't want to play nice. The yarn colors in real life are actually fairly close to the color chips in the design...

It's also time for DH the loom engineer to replace a couple of errant hooks. I'm seeing lines where warp threads aren't lifting when they should, which makes a lighter streak because the wefts are on the surface when they shouldn't be. The replacements will happen tomorrow, since I'm now between pieces so mucking around in the loom's innards isn't going to affect the woven cloth at all.

It turned out to be a 1200-pick day - I had woven about 100 picks late yesterday and managed to finish the weaving by dinnertime today. I guess my energy meter is getting back to normal levels - Hooray!


neki desu said...

summertime and all the gadgets seem to want holidays so they start acting up :(

Connie Rose said...

These are all beautiful, Sandra. But there's something really special about the current orchid on your loom. I admire the roll you're on, glad you're feeling better. xo