Friday, August 16, 2013


This sequence of photos will give you an idea of the series of transformations that an image goes through on its way to the loom.

First, the original image, taken a couple of years ago of a Cymbidium orchid in my courtyard:

The same image, after some Photoshop filtering and indexing to 11 colors (some green, some fuchsia, some white/grey):


The same image again, after the final Photoshop filter that pixelates the image:

And finally, on the loom, after weaving about 500 picks. I've rotated the image, and am weaving from the left side toward the right side, after a false start that will become part of the left border and hidden behind the canvas stretcher.


The colors are much more intense than they appear in the photo; the afternoon light in the studio seems to wash out the weaving.


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Nice demo of your design process. Looks like you are back up to speed!