Saturday, October 05, 2013

Dye Day

Not much studio time today, but I did manage to dye two skeins (2800 yards total) of 50/2 silk. I need some light-medium-value gunmetal grey for an upcoming dobby loom project, and had none in the stash. The two skeins weighed 100 gm total, and I used just about .5 gm of Lanaset black dye.

All my spreadsheet yardage calculations are done in yards, but when it comes to dye, I only think metric, because the math is so much easier when you're dealing with percentages! Especially percentages of a sum like 100. :-) 

In the dyepot, I was afraid the yarn would be too dark:

But once it went out onto the rack on the balcony to  dry, it only took minutes to see it will be the perfect depth of shade for my needs:

The yarn will be dry by tomorrow morning - the humidity here is about 15%, and there are Santa Ana winds (that is, blowing toward the ocean from inland, not from the ocean toward land which is the usual direction most of the year). There are high fire danger warnings all up and down the lower half of California because the vegetation is tinder-dry from the winds and from the low rainfall last winter. The only plus side of this situation is that wet yarn doesn't stay that way for very long!

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neki desu said...

lovely color, looks like murasaki lavender.
be safe from winds and fire.