Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Still Weaving Multishaft Crackle

Today I managed to grab the camera at a time when the lighting let the structure of the weaving show up a little better. Here's an overall shot:

And a closeup, with the camera just above the cloth as it rolls around the sandpaper beam:

If you click the thumbnail to display the full-sized image, the pattern will be clearer. It's going to be very subtle, more texture than pattern. And I think it'll be quite iridescent. We'll see what it looks like after the wet finishing is done.


Laura Fry said...

It already looks iridescent. It should look fabulous when you're wearing it.

Alice said...

Very rich.

Meg said...

Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely. And yes, Rich! Makes me want to go back to "more subtle" right away but I've got the blindingly bright warp on and another warp, though less bright, already made up.

neki desu said...

left me breathless!