Thursday, November 07, 2013

Multishaft Crackle After Wet Finishing

I've washed and pressed the rayon yardage woven in crackle. I should say that after some more reading, the structure should be called 'crackle woven as lace.'

With the light source from one direction with respect to the cloth, you see blue (or green, depending on direction).  However, if the light falls on the cloth at varying angles, that iridescence is really prominent.

Love it!  Now to get a sewing pattern ready for it, based roughly on a Vogue Knitting garment. It will take some adaptation to account for the difference in elasticity between knits and wovens.


Dianne said...

Gorgeous fabric, love it.

neki desu said...

just one word:stunning!

Alice said...

You've really nailed the iridescence. Nice!

amyfibre said...

Wow, Sandra -- that's spectacular!

Carole Beckett said...

How nice to see it finished. It really pops after finishing!

Carole Beckett