Friday, December 20, 2013

Progress in the Studio

I apologize for being silent for so long - it's been busy around here. First there was the show in San Francisco last weekend, then a mad rush to complete the loom prep so I can weave a commission that's due before Christmas.

The new 30-yard warp on the jacquard loom is finally tied onto the remains of the old warp, pulled through the heddles, cut just past the knots, lashed to the cloth apron rod, and ready to weave.

Here's the view looking toward the back of the modules:

The image I'm working with is this one. My client is an electrician who does a lot of work for a property services company, whose staff are pictured. This will be his Christmas gift to them.

First, I wove a one-inch test strip - located at about face level in the image - to verify aspect ratio and to make sure the faces would have enough contrast to be recognizable. After tweaking both aspect ratio and contrast a bit, I felt confident to begin the real weaving.

I particularly like the way the checkered dress worn by the woman on the left is coming out.

By dinnertime, I had woven 200 picks (monochrome images go fairly quickly) and will be able to finish weaving tomorrow so DH can measure and cut the wood for the canvas stretcher and frame. I hope to deliver the finished work on Sunday or Monday.

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Ich staune,so kannst du weben!!

marvellous wounderful, beste wishes wiebke