Thursday, January 30, 2014

Next on the Dobby Loom

I'm at the halfway mark beaming a warp of 25/2 silk at 34 epi. Where does one get 25/2 silk, you ask? From Thailand via eBay, that's where. I suspect somebody ordered 20/2 or 30/2, and when their order came from the mill, the yarn was either too fine or too thick, and got sent back. After the cones were relabeled with a number closer to the actual yarn size, eBay to the rescue!

The silk was very sloppily spun - lots of slubs of loose fiber, and also lots of knots, so the warping process is slower than I'd like. However, I can't complain too loudly, because it was very inexpensive compared to the usual retail price here in the States.

The weft will be the grey/beige cone of luscious fine-lace-weight pygora. It should halo nicely during weaving, and even more after finishing.

I haven't designed the draft yet, so I can't start threading right away. In the meantime, the yarn for the first 4-shaft warp is dry so I can start beaming that soon.

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Margreet said...

that was a good ebay find! lucky you