Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Potpouri

Yesterday, I made good progress on the Aileen image - it's now completely woven and I need to decide what is next on the agenda. Here are two shots - one with me and Aileen, and the second with Aileen and my sister.


On the stove (though not being heated) are a couple of dyepots. Here's the silk tramm in a dyebath extracted from Brazilian Cherry (no relation to the true North American cherry tree, but apparently the lumber looks similar. The liquid has a strong orange/red tinge, but what's hitting the silk is a nice rich butterscotch.

This is silk crepe in a dyebath of alkanet root that I extracted in alcohol. Twice: this is the second extraction. What's odd is that the camera sees violet, which is what alkanet is supposed to give, but is very stingy about, while my eye sees a warm grey. It will be interesting to see what the cloth really looks like after it has soaked a few more days and then been gently washed and pressed.

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Tobie said...

Hi Sandra-
I've just discovered your blog and am so interested in your natural dyes-you get lovely colors. Where do you get all those lovely woods and what do you mordant with?