Wednesday, February 05, 2014


The wood parts trimmed from the Artisat loom are appearing in new forms. Morgaine Wilder of Carolina Homespun has asked DH to make some nostepinnes (Scandinavian tools for making center-pull yarn balls) for her upcoming season of weaving/spinning/needlework conferences. Every year about this time he gets an order from her.

A few of them, like this one, will be made from the beautiful fine-grained maple he got courtesy of Leclerc Looms:

And no, I did not weave the tablecloth under it.  I spent so much time in the store examining the cloth to see how it was woven, I was ashamed not to buy it. There are areas of rib weave, basket weave, and warp/weft floats.  This one is pure, unadulterated polyester; I think I'd use linen. I probably have some 40/2 in the stash that would make beautiful table runners in this design.