Friday, February 21, 2014


This is my workstation for now:

DH built this fringing stand for me a few years back, using ordinary white PVC pipe for most of the structure, and black PVC pipe (which is a stronger compound) for the two pieces that form a clamp to hold the cloth securely.

I use a Conair hair twister to make the fringes. It duplicates exactly the motions I would use by hand, twisting two groups in the S direction and then plying them together in the Z direction:

The result is very even fringes, much more quickly and with less hand stress than I ever could if I used only my hands:

I haven't checked eBay lately for a backup twister - I probably should do that before they go out of production altogether. This one has held up remarkable well, considering that the gears inside are made of plastic, but a backup would be a good idea.


Connie Rose said...

Geez, an electric fringe twister! Very cool. It could be that some of that fringe twisting I did contributed to the demise of my wrists.

Alison Addicks said...

Lacis sells a four strand twister made for them by Conair. It's not cheap, but if you need it - there's no substitute.