Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Art Association Presentation

Meg asked, "How did it go? What did you end up doing??"

I showed my raw materials (60/2 silk thread, just under 3 miles per pound, and 20/2 cotton thread, 1.5 miles per pound) and some tencel dyed with wood dyes. I figured that most nonweavers would be able to relate to miles better than yards. I showed some silk scarves with non-repeating designs, a tencel scarf so sheer you can see through it, plus a finished jacquard weaving and one just off the loom so they could feel the difference between unfinished and finished cloth.

Then I gave a short PowerPoint presentation about looms, showed the AVL video of me weaving on the jacquard loom, and demonstrated the process of converting a color image to greyscale and then into a loom-ready file. There were a number of photographers in the group, so plenty of folks familiar enough with Adobe Photoshop to understand the process.

A commented copy of the PowerPoint presentation is here, and the AVL video is here.

It went quite well - lots of Q&A and fondling of silk scarves, and I actually got paid for it :-)

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Meg said...

I bet it went well! I would have loved to have been in the room, especially for the converting drafts via photoshop part. I'm sure I've seen this video last year, too, but I think I love you and your work even more than before! PS - do you thread each heddle on your Jacquard like we do our normal looms? I think I know the answer and yet it appears, in the first instance, so different. And I love the less confrontational sounds of the electric motor.