Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Here's the jacquard project at 1,000 picks, and again at about 500 picks (in reverse order so you see the image from bottom to top).

I'm happy with the depth of shade - although blogger makes the images look darker than they did in Photoshop - as it looks like dusk to me. Just enough light to make out detail and hue, but not enough to look like noontime.

I have to say that even with the extra distance from the breast beam to the fell that using a rolling temple provides, there isn't really enough real-estate on the woven web for 4 shuttles. The closest one to me keeps trying to slide into my lap. I usually pick one up before setting the previous one down, so as long as the weaving rhythm continues we're okay. However, if I have to set them all down, it gets dicey. I hate to drop shuttles onto a floor of ceramic tile - the tile always wins the battle, and sandpaper and buffing is necessary.

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