Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Small Sample, and a Beginning

I have another abstract I want to weave, so I chose yarns from the stash and did a small sample. The red and the dark blue are okay, but the light blue needs to be a little more vivid, so out came the dyepots. Once the dyepot was in process, I began another abstract image.

This one is going to be a challenge, as I decided to change the order of throwing the shuttles. I wanted the most vivid color to be in a certain part of the design, and the blue-violet I had is too dull a color, so I revised the throwing order to put the bright red in that part of the design. So far, I'm happy with how it's coming out - tomorrow will tell the tale, though.

The original image was created in Repper, based on a photo, and then vastly modified in Photoshop. At this point, all you can see is fields of color. Tomorrow's images will make more sense.

The little sample, by the way, is based on another of Connie Rose's paintings:

The weather has been hot and dry, so the yarn I dyed today has been on a rack on the balcony, and should be dry tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to weaving this one. Should be fun!


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