Thursday, July 10, 2014

[D]Eye Candy

These are the skeins I originally posted here, now wound onto cones. I'm inclined to think they want to be narrow (less than 1-inch) stripes, surrounded by very thin stripes of deep blue-violet, in a ground of deep, rich red or burgundy.

In the skeins, the dyes were painted in color wheel order from orange to blue, on the "hot" side of the color wheel.

I think it will probably be another "snowflake" style draft with lots of points and some advancing twill mixed in. What do you think?


Pat said...

You have a good eye for colour but I would worry about these lovely colours 'disappearing' into a burgundy background. I have done something similar recently and the background was dusty pale green. But I would not suggest that for your colours. Do you select the colours by placing them next to each other or try them out in software?

neki desu said...

royal blue warp,navy, turquoise. or maybe lime green and break all the rules.