Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As it turned out, the weekend was more about marketing and less about selling. I wish I had been able to exhibit last year (when the appendix intervened) so I could have done the marketing stage then, and been able to reach the selling stage this year. When a work of art/craft is in the $200-700 range, people don't make a decision on the spot - they need to think about it for a while. "A while" usually translates to "the same show next year."

In any case, my main mission was education and marketing. No money changed hands, although I may get some orders for Woven Portraits from people who came through the booth. Just a few of those will "pay the rent" for the booth. And there were many enjoyable conversations about fiber, and design, and process. And many people who admired the work, especially the abstract pieces based on Connie's paintings. They were a hit, just not monetarily...

Now that I'm home, I've had time to finish runner #3, shown below:

...and to begin #4:


Laura Fry said...

Love the watery effect. :)

Cally said...

Mmmmm, those stripes are really glowing.