Monday, August 18, 2014

Runners, Again

The table runners have now been washed and pressed, but not yet hemmed. However, since I'm about to take some time off, I thought I should post a beauty shot and some detail shots showing how they turned out. From left, number 1 through 4.

#1 was tromp as writ:

#2 was woven with a treadling of advancing points and a red-violet weft that *really* changed the color balance in the cloth:

#3 had a black weft and a treadling of small advancing shapes:

#4, also a black weft, and a treadling of advancing curves. I think it looks like a snake's scale pattern:

So there they are. Each is very different from the others. Hard to pick a favorite...


Laura Fry said...

Indeed. Gorgeous!

neki desu said...

enjoy your time off.

Connie Rose said...

These are awesome. I love advancing twill patterns. Have a great trip!

Peg Cherre said...

You're right again - it IS impossible to pick a favorite -- they're all stunning!