Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Marketing

We had a walking tour in the 5th Arrondisement, mostly in the shopping street called Rue Mouffetard. This is a pedestrian street on which one could feed oneself forever. We saw oysters and other seafood, cheeses (I never saw so many kinds of chevre!), mushrooms, poultry of all sorts (including partridge and rabbits with the fur still on), meats, fresh pasta, and enough designer pastries to satisfy DH (even the non chocolate ones).  And then there were the usual fruit and veg shops... And street musicians... And families having a lovely Sunday out... And cafes overflowing onto the sidewalks...


Meg said...

Each picture better than the one before. Wonderful!!

Laura Fry said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing you day. :)

Pat said...

It's the mushrooms that get me. There is a sort called trompettes de mort which are delicious. You can get some of the odder sorts in London but they are charged at gold dust prices and they look odd. Thank you for reminding about French food!! and markets