Saturday, January 03, 2015

Long Day

Rather than become a football slacker (it's playoff time!), I spent the afternoon in the studio. It turned out to be a marathon session. I threw the shuttle about 2,300 times - enough to finish weaving runner #1 on the current blue and green warp. Here's how it looks as it winds onto the cloth storage beam at the back of the loom:

As you can see, the turquoise weft really pops where it bends around the beam. Sure looks like iridescence is guaranteed, a common feature of these interleaved designs. As the cloth moves in the light, one or the other of the three yarn colors will shout for your attention and completely out-compete the others.


Unknown said...

So beautiful! Great work!

Alice said...

A beautiful design. Yes, you made very good use of your time during playoffs! Remember to be kind to your body.

Connie Rose said...

Totally awesome, and so random-appearing. Love your work!