Thursday, February 05, 2015

Draft No. 9184

The next towel is being woven with a 20/2 blend of cotton and rayon from bamboo in a grey/green hue. Here's short version of the draft:

And the cloth on the loom:

The yarn on the pirn looks as if it were multicolor, but it's not - somehow the solid color is reflecting a bronze highlight off something else.

I dug through the stash, and discovered some long-forgotton 16/2 cotton/hemp yarn, and some 16/2 unmercerized cotton, both of which need to be dyed. The color that came from the manufacturer is a dull, uninspiring beige in both cases. Dyepots are in my future...


Alice said...

You are really on a roll!

Laura Fry said...

Our days are so dreary right now colour on the loom would be required!