Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Signs of Spring

Yes, I know that most of the country is buried in snow, but here on the California Central Coast, there are signs that warmer weather is on its way. Granted, the lawn was frosted in the morning, but that didn't keep the daffodils from bending toward the sun, or the ornamental plum from blooming.

I hope Spring finds you soon!


Connie Rose said...

Oh, gloat on with those gorgeous flowers...we live in California, we're allowed. Our long-standing drought levels the weather playing field.

neki desu said...


Ruth said...

Mmmmm. As I look out the window behind my monitor, we're still busy getting another couple of inches of the white stuff. Usually, by this time we'd be seeing crocus all around, but they are wisely staying underground so far this year.