Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Warp is Beamed

Wow! beaming a warp is fast at only 16 epi!

I ended up with 16 sections, with a total of 256 ends (and lots of spare yarn to mend breaks). I'll add some selvedge ends of the 16/2 unmercerized cotton that I'll use for weft, but I won't do that until the main warp is threaded, sleyed, and tied on. The selvedge ends are already wound onto film canisters, to be separately weighted because of the difference in take-up compared to the knitting yarn.

The draft is a simple broken twill with a basket-weave selvedge on 16 shafts. When the structure is an even 2/2 straight or broken twill, and the threading is a multiple of 4 warp ends, you can accomplish the basket selvedge on only 2 shafts, which can be the same shafts used for the twill; if either of these conditions isn't met, you usually need 4 additional shafts for the selvedge.

With the threading below, the same draft could be woven on only 4 shafts:

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