Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Clearing the Decks

I'm finally getting ready to dye-paint Connie Rose's shibori-tied silk shawl. We've been back and forth over the color palette, making sure I get (with my local water) the same hues Connie used to get with rainwater. Here's the palette, based on Connie's mix formulas:

In the first row (A through D) are the main colors. About 1/4 of the shawl will be painted in each of these colors, in order from A to D. Because Connie wants the colors to blend from one to the next, I was concerned about the transition between A and B. I mixed tiny quantities of equal parts of each of the possible blends so we could be sure the transitions would look good. So the second row are the blends, and I think A+B makes a nice (but different) brown from either D by itself or the C+D blend.

I put the shawl into a dishpan to soak in plain water, weighted with canning jars full of water. Once the shawl stayed under water without weights, I transferred it to a dyepot that contains a mixture of citric acid crystals and water (to avoid the vinegar smell...). It'll wait there until tomorrow, when the painting commences.

In the meantime, I've prepared the worktable with a sheet of heavy plastic, clothes-pinned into a series of troughs. The shawl will be laid down with about 1/4 of the length in each trough. The troughs are intended to prevent the slightly thickened dye from leaking from one part of the shawl into the others.

 More tomorrow!


neki desu said...

collaborations are fun.lovely colorway.

Ruth said...

I love the clothespin idea!