Monday, August 10, 2015


According to, "Removal of loose threads, knots, slubs, burs, and other extraneous materials from fabrics by means of a burling iron, a type of tweezer. The trick is to remove the impurity without damaging the fabric. After weaving and prior to finishing, any lumps (burls), knots, or loose threads are removed by hand."

Instead of a burling iron, I use these favorite tools:

Thread snips, a coarse needle, a needle threader, and most importantly, my trusty magnifying goggles.

Here's the cloth after washing and pressing.

The width on the loom was 16 inches, which shrank in the finishing process to 13.5 inches. The length when cut off the cloth storage beam (which isn't rolled up under high tension) was 8 yards, which shrank to 7.5 yards. Not as much as I had hoped, but enough to tailor the top I have in mind.

And the beauty shot, which made all the effort well worth it. Just look at that texture!

It'll make a soft, cozy garment.

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neki desu said...

very nice, not burlington mills at all. sorry for the pun ;)