Friday, August 07, 2015

Weft Colors

This is a record: normally I would not attempt to have four dye runs going at the same time. Two is my usual limit. However, since these skeins are all the same weight (18 grams for 1,000 yards of 100/2 silk) the job was easier. All I had to do for the chemicals was weigh or measure the same things four times, and adjust dye stock quantities to get the depth of shade I wanted.

The warp yarns have been drying since last night, and as expected the colors are a couple of shades lighter. These were dyed with Connie's plum and red, with no alteration except a slightly deeper depth of shade than in the surface application I used on her shawl:

And the wefts, after cooling, rinsing, and rolling in a towel on which I stomp to get as much water out as I can:

From left, Connie's orange and bronze (both at a deeper depth of shade), Connie's red (to which I added some of her plum, plus some black) and a blue-violet that is Connie's plum plus some royal blue.

I think these colors will combine beautifully!


Connie Rose said...

Awesome colors!!

Cally said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!

neki desu said...

great colorway!