Sunday, September 20, 2015

You Might Think ...

... that there's very little going on around here. Not true - it's just not stuff that's terribly exciting.

On the dobby front, I've been designing a new warp and getting ready to dye weft yarns for it. In addition, there's still one scarf from the last warp that needs its fringe twisted.

On the jacquard front, I've finished weaving a couple of pieces that are destined for an exhibit application that's due tonight (online, no postal schedule to worry about) but I need to get going on finishing so that I can photograph them.

Before I cut off the jacquard warp, I wove a couple of small samples for a Woven Portrait. I can't decide whether to weave it in portrait orientation (which would make it awfully big) or in landscape orientation (which would make the face a bit closer to life size).

The funny thing is, both versions of the image use the same yarns in the same weave family, and the portrait format one beat in at 92 picks per inch, and the landscape one at a mere 80 picks per inch. What gives? Neither loom nor yarn should care how the image is oriented, as long as the weft floats (and therefore the packing) are consistent in length and direction between one version and the other. It's a mystery.

I think I'll end up weaving the landscape version, but with a paler blue and a choice of weaves that brings more of the blue to the surface, so the overall image is lighter. But clearly I'll have to weave another sample to determine the final aspect ratio...


Laura Fry said...

Yes, so much of making stuff isn't very exciting - but it all needs to be done.

Sheila O'Hara said...

Dear Sandra,
I find that the amount of details in a design determines the ppi. With more interchanges of weft from top to bottom, the weft can't pack in so much. It might just be that changing to orientation affected it that way. Just like plain weave has fewer ppi than twill. Then again maybe you were more relaxed when you wove the 80ppi. :-)
Sheila O'Hara