Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The Viennese are complaining that the season went straight from summer to winter. The daily high temps were in the 80sF last week, and the mid-40sF this week.  Grey skies and a significant wind-chill factor. Suffice to say, we didn't do a lot of outdoor sightseeing.

One visit was to the Belvedere Palace (the white building below), which has a good art collection, including Klimt's "The Kiss," part of a selection of Art Nouveau works.

Another visit was to the Schonbrunn Palace, summer home of the Hapsburg emperors. The golden yellow building is just one wing of the palace, built to compete with Versailles and the Russian imperial palaces. Nope. Not nearly enough gold leaf...

In the evening, we went to a delightful concert by a chamber orchestra, with ballet dancers for some numbers and opera singers for others. Lots of Mozart and Strauss, of course!

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Sheila O'Hara said...

Have a great trip!
Can you layer up with those handwoven scarves to keep warm?