Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chugging Along

The threading is moving along slowly. I've done 6 sections out of 10. Because the nonparallel interleaved threadings are typically too complex for me to thread sans computer, I use the "treadle your threading" method. It isn't fast, that's for certain, but it usually gives more accurate results (which may actually speed up the entire process by avoiding going back into a warp to fix threading errors).

See what I mean? Feel like threading that without electronic help? Not me. On the other hand, if I tell my weaving software to make a new file with an identical threading, but where the treadling is  "tromp as writ," and change the tieup to a single diagonal line going from shaft 1 to shaft 24, the loom is perfectly happy "weaving" this draft:

Every time the loom lifts a shaft, I pull one heddle on that shaft out to the middle area, thread it, and push it over further to the right to approximately the right place for sleying later.

Mind you, this draft can't be used to weave real cloth - it's a single-use file only intended for threading

Here's a look at progress so far. The fun continues tomorrow. Thank heavens for books-on-tape and MP3 players!

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