Sunday, March 06, 2016

And......We're Weaving!

I was able to summon enough brain-power to locate and fix two threading errors, and it looks like I got 'em all. This is the natural, grey, and navy interleaved silk warp, with a bright cerulean blue weft. The navy warp is 50/2 silk, and all the others are 60/2.

Here's a closeup, after weaving about 400 picks:

As you can see, the cerulean weft has only a small effect on the warp, because the sett is 72 epi (compared to the normal sett of 60 for twill using 60/2 silk). If you click the closeup to display the full-sized image, you can see the sparkle of the bright weft, and also the way the warps seem to bend and twist as they argue over who is going to dominate the surface of the cloth. The final (wet-finished and pressed) scarf will have a high degree of iridescense, with a flash of cerulean at certain angles and in the right lighting.

I've got a bunch of medical appointments in the next few days, so may not be able to post again right away.

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Cally said...

Gorgeous! I love just a hint of brightness.