Monday, March 14, 2016

Now You See It, Now You Don't

In a comment on the previous post, Peg asked, "Do you have insight into why no green from the side?"

Not really. Another of those little unexplained mysteries, one that makes weaving interleaved threadings an exciting adventure.

Here's my best guess. No guarantee that I'm right...

From the driver's seat, you're seeing the weft from the side so more of it is exposed. After all, 60/2 silk is pretty fine, so an end-on view of a skinny little thread that spends most of its path underneath warp ends reveals very little.

Also, this is a warp-dominant cloth, so the weft is buried among the densely-packed warp ends (the sett is 72 epi, but 36 ppi). Wet-finishing will only enhance this characteristic, so that the weft will be even more elusive. Stay tuned; I'll try to remember to post photos after the scarf is fringed and wet-finished.

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