Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back from Complex Weavers Seminars

It was a wonderfully well-organized conference packed with enough joy for any weaver to feel satisfied at the end. The opportunity to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in 2 years was fabulous, and the new friends are terrific too! The weather in the Chicago area took pity on us, and was neither too hot nor too humid. (Here at home, it's in the 105 - 108 (F) range every day, but at least it's dry heat that cools down nicely at night.)

I'll write more about CW Seminars later, after I've had time to wind down and wash the laundry.

In the meantime, while I was away, DH has been playing with my combination birthday and Christmas present - a robot vacuum! This one is not a Roomba - the iRobot brand is reputed to be unhappy with tile floors, and since our house is entirely tile except for the bedrooms, we looked at other brands. The final vote was for a Neato botvac, which can do tile, and is also great for households with pets/pet hair.

The rectangolar opening in the top is normally occupied by the dust bin:

DH had run the Neato one day before, so this is just one day's worth of dust, crumbs, and Gracie's contribution - ample supplies of cat hair.

Great product, except that it will clearly take a while for Gracie to adjust to its presence. When it runs, she leaves the house. The day I catch her riding around on top of it like the cats in all those YouTube videos, I'll probably keel over in a dead faint.


neki rivera said...

Ohh want,want.esp husband-san who is in charge of vacuuming.

Cally said...

I need one of those! (two of those, three of those?) Our floors are mostly wood or tile - does it handle rugs?