Monday, June 27, 2016

Weather Report, June 27, 2016

Here in our neighborhood, it's baking: 109 degrees (F) and 12% humidity. Nobody's doing much of anything that requires motion or energy.

Gracie's happy as a clam (do clams really have moods?) in her favorite weather  -  the kind that proves that the Spring Shedding Season isn't over yet. Everywhere she spends more than a few milliseconds is carpeted with fur - floor, window sill, my desk, you name it. If she's been there, she's shed on it!

Here, she's just come indoors to cool off on the nice cold tile floor, which is laid on a concrete slab and thus is never warm, even in this weather:

 If she were outdoors, she'd be sleeping under a shrub somewhere


Jami Johnson said...

I'm guessing you don't have air conditioning, then? We're the same temp, or a wee bit higher, but AC is almost universal here in Las Vegas! I do feel sorry for you tho - even tho its a dry heat, its still pretty miserable! And I heard a forecast that we can't expect highs below 100 til September! Ugh!


Sandra Rude said...

We almost never need AC in the downstairs portion of the house. The entire building is 2x6" construction, not the typical 2x4". That means we have 50% more insulation in the walls than is considered normal. We've turned the downstairs AC on maybe once or twice in the 8 years we've lived here. The weaving studio is on the second floor, with windows on all 4 sides, so I occasionally splurge and turn on the upstairs AC (there are 2 separate systems for heat & AC). Today, I think the downstairs got up to 83(F), and the studio was in the 90s.
Stay cool! It's easier to weave when your fingers aren't sweating!

Sandra Rude said...

I've stoppped believing in the forecasts. Weather, after all, is an art, not a science... The actuals are almost always different from the forecast. We have a mini weather station with sensors on the roof, so it's easy to find out what "our neighborhood" really is weatherwise.

neki desu said...

yes, it seems that bivalves have moods . over here you are bored as an oyster.
forecasts here are pretty good so i watch closely. so far the highest was 28Âșc a relative piece of cake.and humidity has been ok also. fearing july which always is the hottest.